How To Improve Your Photography

It used to be that people would take photos on family holidays or at special occasions; but thanks to the invention of smartphones and the constant developments and photography-artimprovements in mobile phone camera technology, everyone is documenting every part of their life in order to share their experiences with friends and family. Social media apps like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, are designed as a platform for your smartphone photos, whether they are snaps of a dinner plate or a wedding day.

Photography with smartphones isn’t always easy, though; even with the advances in technology made in recent years, the quality of photos taken with phones simply isn’t up to the standard of even a cheap purpose-built camera. You can always go down the route of employing trick photography to get the perfect smartphone picture, using other apps or programs like Photoshop to adapt and alter your original photo. Be warned, however, that unless you are adept at using such programs, your changes can easily make the photo look worse than when you started.

Get to Know Your Camera

If you are planning on taking lots of snaps with your camera, it is worth spending some time playing around with the different settings that are available. Practice taking a few pictures indoors and outdoors, during the day and at night, to get used to when using a flash is appropriate and when it doesn’t work. Most camera┬áhave edit functions built into their camera apps which allow you to make minor alterations to the brightness or color of a photo too.

These edit functions will also include a tool for cropping pictures; this option is much better than using the zoom on a smartphone camera which usually results in a poor quality, grainy picture. Try and get as close as possible to the subject of your photo, so that you fill the viewfinder as much as possible, and then use crop to focus in further on the detail. You will end up with a clearer close-up shot than you would get by using the zoom function as cropping doesn’t affect picture quality.

Choose Your Subject Wisely

Photography as an art form is all about finding the right subject, and taking pictures to share with Facebook friends and Twitter followers is no different. You may be pleased with your arty shot of a sunset, but most of the people viewing your pictures want to know more about where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. Photos with people you know in front of an arty sunset are simply more interesting to your social media circle.

This is where the selfie stick comes into its own, especially if you are traveling alone. Naturally, you won’t have as much control over the quality of photography if you are using your smartphone at a distance — and you should always be aware of annoying other people around you when wielding a selfie stick — but at least your parents and family will be reassured that you are safe and well if your Facebook photos actually have you in them too.

Get the Basics Right

In many ways, photography with a smartphone is no different to using an expensive digital or film camera; if you get the basics right, the chances are you will have a great Photos-Collectionspicture at the end that will bring back happy memories for you and your friends years to come. While there are tools on smartphones to help you polish your final photo, you still have to get the framing of the shot right — although you can always cheat a little and use the phone’s crop function to improve the composition afterwards.

Smartphones spend a lot of time in pockets and bags, and it is easy for the lens of the camera to become dirty. This, in turn, can affect the quality of the pictures you take; keeping the lens clean gives you the best chance of producing quality photography with your smartphone.

Smartphone cameras have made it easy to take photographs anywhere and everywhere you go, recording social occasions, special events or even your food without the inconvenience and expense of taking a film to be developed. However, just because photography has become easier doesn’t mean you should accept photographs of poor quality. Follow these simple tips for better smartphone photography, and you will find yourself with an Instagram account that is the envy of all your friends.

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